The Library of Congress, Manuscript Division, wishes to suggest
that access term elements be added to the content model for the
<head> tag.

Justification: This would allow <controlaccess> terms to be used
in heads where appropriate.

Example of use: Finding aids for collections of family papers
typically include biographical notes for more than one person.
Each such note is tagged as a separate <bioghist> within one
larger <bioghist>. The heading for each subordinate <bioghist> is
the name of the family member, which is not used elsewhere within
that person's <bioghist>. Tagging the names as heads enables us
to pull the name into the navigator window, but not to code for
searching with other <persname>s in the finding aid.

Example of proposed use (for Doe family papers):

<bioghist><head>Biographical Notes</head>
      <bioghist><HEAD><PERSNAME>John Doe</PERSNAME></HEAD>
            Jan. 1</date><event>Born, Washington,
      <bioghist><HEAD><PERSNAME>Jane Doe</PERSNAME></HEAD>
            <chronlist> etc. </bioghist></bioghist>