SUGGESTED CHANGE:  Authorize use of <persname>, <corpname>, <famname>,
<subject>, <genreform>, and other "index-building" tags within <head>.

This would be particularly useful when converting older finding
aids, where the function of <head> (for navigating through a long
document) and <unittitle> (the intellectual description of a
unit) are often combined.  For example:

<c><did><head><genreform>Letters </genreform>by <persname>William
James </pername>to various correspondents: </head>
      <c><did><unitid>1. </unitid><unittitle><persname>Alice
James.</persname>15 letters.</unittitle></did></c>
      [etc., etc.] </did></c>

Submitted by: Harvard Digital Finding Aids Project
Leslie A. Morris
Curator of Manuscripts in the Harvard College Library
Houghton Library, Harvard University
Cambridge, MA 02138

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