At SOLINET we are working on some prototype ways to enable searching on multiple
finding aids. This involves indexing the finding aids on the fields that map to
Dublin Core, and searching via a Z39.50/web gateway.

There is a group of people interested in developing a Z39.50 attribute set for
EAD which is trying to get together at SAA this week. This would allow searching
muliple finding aids at multiple sites. You might contact Mickey Ann Hinojosa at
800-999-8558 if  you are interested.

I understand there are also some new vendor products that allow searching
multiple finding aids, but I don't know about multiple sites, and I haven't
actually seen them in operation.


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Subject:    Multiple finding aids on multiple servers
Author: Encoded Archival Description List <[log in to unmask]>
Date:       8/27/97 9:24 AM


We are just now looking at EAD for our electronic finding aids.  Can you
have searches done on multiple finding aids and can these findings aids
reside at multiple sites?


Michael MacKinnon
Provincial Archives of New Brunswick
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