In order to get external links to work, it seems necessary to make the following
additions to the attributes of the parameter entity % a.ext.ptr (declared on line
727 of eadbase.ent:

doc        ENTITY      #IMPLIED

from       CDATA                  "ROOT"

to         CDATA                  "DITTO"

( these have been lifted from the TEI extended pointer declaration, where they
perform the required function)

In the following example the <?TAGLINK ...> is required for Panorama.

<!DOCTYPE EAD PUBLIC "-//Society of American Archivists//DTD ead.dtd
(Encoded Archival Description (EAD))//EN" [
<!ENTITY pap SYSTEM "../ddc/dcdpap.sgm" NDATA SGML>
<extref doc="pap">this will link to the entire document, i.e. open it and place you
at the start</extref>

<extref doc="pap" from="ID(h-34)">this will open the document and take you to
the element with an ID of h-34</extref>

the to attribute can be used to delimit the close of the portion of the document
being linked to.

The script required to perform this in Dynatext is as follows:

ebt-link book=word(word(attr(nd.sys),-1,'/'),1,'.')

I don't know if this will resolve all the problems that have been encountered with
external links, but it seems to have worked for some of those I have already

Richard Higgins
Durham University Library