Dear Martha---

I wanted to write and let you know that Martha Callahan's father passed away
Labor Day weekend.  As a result of her being gone to Virginia for his funeral
and being out of town for a week, we are a tad behind in finishing our final
draft of our lesson plan.  We are in the process of deciding how to use the
new photograph collection of the suffragettes and have about finished plans
for our teaching activities.  However, we may not get it all posted by the
Sept. 15 deadline.  We will definitely have it all together by Sept.
30---barring anymore personal or professional difficulties.

I just thought you'd like to know of her loss and maybe some of the other
fellows will express sympathy to her.  It has made the start of this new
school year a rather rough one for her.

Hope all is well in DC.  We got out pictures developed and they bring back
such fond memories.

Becky Kolb in Memphis