Hello Fellows!

A number of you are wondering about the posting of revised lessons.  We are now
working on a *NEW* website design that will establish "Team Portfolios" for
everyone, into which you can post your revised activity, notes on how you plan
to implement it, and documentation of progress and student work.  We will have
this up by the beginning of October.

In the meantime, please post any revised lesson plans on the "Draft Teaching
Units" forum -- beneath your old version and the comments on it.  This way
people can see how your ideas have evolved.  (You can get to Draft Teaching
Units from the Institute menu at, our project web page).

Please let us know if you have any questions or problems, OK? The revisions
people are making are very exciting, and since some folks are alreading
implementing units, we should have progress reports early next month. We can'd
wait. Here's hoping all of you are having a successful start to the school year.

Bill Tally