Hello All,

  We would like to update you on our progress. Jane is getting settled in
at her new position in the ACOT program. She will be taking her students to
the Ohio Village at the Historical Society in October. They will be doing
some primary, interview type research on pre-civil war life, etc. and will
do the transportation emphasis then which they can save to use as a
comparison in January. The project fits in best with the curriculum at that
  We have the lesson and activity posted at:

   I flew back to Columbus on August 1 and that Monday began three weeks of
professional development with teachers in a variety of locations and lab
situations. Talk about adaptation! At the Summer Institute I presented in
New Hampshire they sent me a list of topics the participants were planning
to develop into lesson plans using the Big6 Information Access Skills. A
media specialist brought along a teacher or two as a team. Hmmmmmmm...
sounds familiar. Anyway, as much as I could I tied in specific collections
from American Memory to their themes and provided some additional Web sites
for exploration. It was a wonderful group - very enthusiastic to learn.

  Now I'm full blast into the school year with a series of workshops
scheduled in October centered around core curriculum. I will be developing
a whole workshop around the American Memory Collection. Our media
specialists can't wait for that one! One of the driving forces this year is
the fact that many of our schools are now wired and connected via T-1 in
THEIR CLASSROOMS! Yeah, I've been waiting for this for two years. One of
our adopt-a-school partners helped me develop a CD-ROM to install the
Internet software for Windows 95 and the Mac. Our folks will have all the
bells & whistles such as shockwave, realaudio, Quicktime VR, and adobe
acrobat. Evrything will be configured and ready to go so they don't have to
spend time wondering what to do to make the multimedia things work on the
Net. We completed our first installation at an elementary school this week.
1 down and 143 to go.

 Our Columbus Metropolitan Library now has their catalog available via
telnet plus a Web page, This will be great for our students since many use
their branches to find information. They can reserve books online as long
as they have a library card. Another Yeah!

  This busy CyberBee will sign off for now. Hope everyone is having a great

Happy CyberNetting!

Linda & Jane

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