A recent irate recipient of an EAD list posting complained
about having been added to the list without her knowing it.
A check of the EAD subscriber list revealed that she was
*not* subscribed to the EAD list but obviously someone
forwarded a message to her without her permission.  I suspect
that someone responsible for the RADMEMO list in Canada
has set up an automatic reposting mechanism for EAD messages.

As a general reminder to list subscribers and anyone
responsible for lists that repost from other lists,
we are all inundated with email nowadays.  The flood of
messages can be frustrating, particularly when they
come from lists to which we are not subscribed.  Consider
carefully before resending or reposting a message that
has already gone out.

The EAD list is a closed list.  Only people who submit
a request for a subscription (via email) are considered.
The Library of Congress, which monitors the EAD list,
has a policy not to add people to a list without their
knowledge.  In general we ask people to submit subscription
requests from their own email accounts to avoid address

The recent complaint about the receipt of unwanted email
came from someone whose return address appears to block
any attempt at respond.  If that person is reading this
message, be assured that we did *not* add you to the EAD
list.  Your ire is more properly directed at whatever
list reposted one of our innocent messages.

If any subscriber has a subscription problem, you
can write me directly (at [log in to unmask]) and I will attempt
to remedy whatever the problem is.  As should always
be the case, civility in email is greatly appreciated.
The recent irate emailer scornfully asked: "Who do we
think we are? [subscribing her to our list]"  The answer is,
we're responsible list moderators who want to make
electronic forums such as the EAD list as helpful and
unobtrusive as possible.  To do that, we need everyone's

--Randy Barry (EAD list moderator)

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