(Also, watch for a second vacancy announcement in 30 days for a Research
Services Librarian; it will be a permanent federal position.)

Technical Services Librarian, Research Library & Information Service,
Export-Import Bank of the United States. Full time, nonfederal contract
position; see note* below.

The Research Library & Information Service supports the mission, programs,
and operations of the Export-Import Bank of the U.S., an independent body of
the federal government, and the official export credit agency of the United
States.  Ex-Im Bank provides international lending, foreign bank guarantees,
and political risk insurance for U.S. firms seeking to compete in the
emerging markets of the world.  See  The Library branch
consists of four professionals and one paraprofessional.

The Technical Services Librarian reports to the Library Manager and provides
a full range of professional processing services related to the collections
and activities of the Library.  They include all aspects of acquiring and
cataloging necessary materials or services using any methods that may be
appropriate to promote useful and prompt retrieval.  As a professional
member of the Library team, it is necessary to share and support all
activities to provide a seamless and well coordinated set of products and
services that help Bank analysts and officers meet the goal of turning
fast-moving information into useful knowledge that will make a difference.
The Technical Services Librarian uses initiative, imagination, and
professional judgment to resolve unusual or ambiguous situations before
bringing appropriate issues to the attention of the Library Manager.

Produces catalog and inventory records for selected materials according to
established polices and procedures using online databases, bibliographic
utilities, and cataloging programs to maintain control of items that are
available for use, or that have been ordered.

Assists and coordinates with the day to day reference and research
activities of the Research Services Librarian to locate, borrow, or obtain
specifically identified items according to the most practical means, based
on urgency, importance, and cost -- including obtaining such items through
online databases or terminals, or through interlibrary loan.

Coordinating with Research Services Librarian and Library Manager, produces
and maintains online patron access catalog, databases, topical
bibliographies, and other finding aids, using a variety of standard
electronic tools and systems, including Internet and Intranet products.

As directed by the Library Manager, acquires, orders, requests, or obtains
books, documents, data files, periodicals, newspapers, articles, reports,
maps, CD-ROM databases, online services, multimedia, data terminals,
information consulting services, subscriptions, etc. according to
established budget plans and collection development policies.

Maintains records and spreadsheets to account for the use of funds, payment
of invoices, funding balances, and produces regular reports.

Manages all subscriptions of periodicals, newspapers, annuals, and other
serial receipts, including renewals, projected costs, cancellations, and
coordination with vendors and subscription agents.

Maintains productive relations with publishers, vendors, and systems
providers, as well as alliances with domestic, foreign, and international
organizations that produce vital information needed by the Bank.  Develops
and maintains knowledge and professional expertise through training and
personal contacts.

Master of Library Science degree, and one year of continuous full time
specialized library experience that demonstrates substantial mastery of
standard technical services principles, standards, and methods.  Knowledge
of AACR2, OCLC, and online cataloging or acquisitions systems.  An
additional two years of above specialized experience may substitute for an
M.L.S. degree.

Ability to communicate well in English in both writing and in complex
professional discussions with colleagues and clientele.

Basic knowledge of databases such as Lexis-Nexis, Dow Jones News Retrieval,
DIALOG-DataStar, Westlaw, Bloomberg, and Internet resources and tools.
Knowledge of Windows 3.1, 95, or NT; networked programs and systems such as
Lotus cc:Mail; WordPerfect, MS Word, dBase, Lotus 123, or Excel. Desirable:
knowledge of HTML or other Web authoring tools and graphics software.
Desirable: academic or other knowledge of business, finance, economics, law,
or international affairs.

*This is a nonfederal, full-time, contractor position provided by Management
Sciences for Development, Inc. under a contract to Ex-Im Bank for five
years, renewable annually.  Competitive salary and benefits will be paid by
Management Sciences for Development, Inc., with appropriate promotion
potential as warranted, including opportunities for training.  The incumbent
will be selected and supervised by the Library Manager.  For full
application details, please contact Management Sciences for Development,
Inc. directly at Tel 202-785-8228; Fax 202-223-2317.

Interested applicants may call me for more information about the Library,
however, all resumes must be sent directly to Management Sciences for
Development for review before formal interviews can be conducted.  We are
seeking the best combination of knowledge, experience, and attitude.
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