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April 14, 1997.

The Center for Electronic Records of the U.S. National Archives and
Records Administration (NARA) has updated the 'Title List: A Preliminary
and Partial Listing of the Data Files in the National Archives and Records
Administration.'  The 'Title List' is current as of July 18, 1997, and now
has entries for approximately 13,000 of the over 34,000 electronic
records files in the custody of NARA.

The 'Title List' is available via the NARA information server.  The general
URL is with information about the electronic
records program and holdings available at  We also recently
restructured/updated the Center?s homepage to improve access to our
information and direct researchers more effectively to information about
our holdings.  Also now included on the homepage is a description of the
various Securities and Exchange Commission data in our custody.  See
below for information about access to the Title List directly and via FTP.

Among the other new entries to the 'Title List' are:

1) Records of the Bureau of the Census (Record Group 29): Decennial
Census of Population and Housing, 1990: Summary Tape File 4C.

2) Records of the Bureau of the Census (Record Group 29): Current
Population Survey, 1991 data files.

3) Records of the Internal Revenue Service (Record Group 58): Statistics
of Income (SOI): Partnership Sourcebook Data File, Form 1065,

4) Records of the United States Naval Academy (Record Group 405):
Naval Academy Student Records files, Class of 1991-Class of 1993

5) Records of the National Institute for Education (Record Group 419):
Higher Education General Information Survey (HEGIS), 1965-1978

6) General Records of the Department of Education (Record Group 441):
National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), Year    13, Age 13
(1981-82);  Higher Education General Information Survey (HEGIS),
1979-1985, and the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System
(IPEDS), 1986-1992.

The full 'Title List' file and/or 19 extract files are available electronically.
There is one extract file for each executive branch department,
presidential offices, independent establishments and government
corporations, temporary committees, commissions and boards, and the
legislative and judicial branches.  Entries are arranged in each extract file
numerically by NARA Record Group and thereunder alphabetically by
series title.  The direct URL is:


Alternatively, the Title List files are available on an FTP site. Anonymous
FTP (password 'guest') to FTP.CU.NIH.GOV, directory
NARA_ELECTRONIC.  A READ.ME file on the FTP site provides further
information about the 'Title List' and Title List extract files.  Note that the
full 'Title List' file has 21,056 lines and is approximately 1.5 megabytes in


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