Dear Fellows and Friends,

At long last, our new project web page is up and running at
CCT/NDL.  On it you'll find your team's portfolio (pictures included!), a
discussion area, and other features still being constructed.

Stop by and check out your mugshot!  We hope you'll use your portfolio page to
update the group on your teaching unit, your goals for implementation, any
progress students make, and any dissemination activities with colleagues.
Instructions for posting material on the portfolio pages are below.

Thanks to all those who've been reporting on their terrific progress so far; the
discussion on the list serv has been taking off, too. We are exploring ways to
have the web site and list serv interact. We will try to gradually shift
discussions over onto the web site, but feel free to continue to use the list-
serv for general announcements to the group.

We look forward to hearing about the struggles and triumphs everyone is
encountering as we try to make our vision of primary-source based teaching and
learning a reality.

Bill and Nancy

Instructions for Posting Material to your Team's Portfolio.
1.  Select Team Portfolios from the home page.  Click on your state and your
team's name.
2.  Scroll down the page.  You'll see spaces for your Teaching Unit, How You
Plan to Implement It, Progress Reports, Student Work, Summary and Conclusions,
and Dissemination Updates.  For most people these will be empty -- you'll need
to add them when appropriate.  For people who have already posted teaching units
and progress reports to the list-serv, we have tried to add these ourselves.
3.  To add any item, select "Add/Remove Item" from the bottom of the page.
4.  Enter your UserID (firstname&lastinitial, eg. billt) and password (amf).
5.  Select the item you want to add and click 'Go.'

Instructions for Posting a Teaching Unit.
1.  Decide on one of three options: a)  type or copy your unit in as plain text;
b) type or copy the URL of a file on your own local server;  or c) copy and
paste an HTML file, such as the 'Lesson Template' you worked on during the week
in Washington.
2.  Select the option for Text, URL, or HTML beneath the message box.
3.  If you have posted HTML and the file requires local html or graphics files,
send them as an attachment to an email message to me, Bill Tally, at
[log in to unmask]
4.  Type or select one or more indexing terms that describe your unit.
5.  Preview your unit, and then modify or post it.  Use the Remove function to
correct any mistakes.

That's it!  Good luck, and don't hestitate to contact me with any questions or
problems you may have.  B.