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My apologies for my previous posting.... Doing my research today I
discovered the Soft Quad home page, and are dowloading Panorama now....

Robert M=E9nard (Doritos)                   Panther Systems Group
Winnipeg,Manitoba          \\|//
                           (o o)          3-DNet Representative
 /  Blue Sky FreeNet                      [log in to unmask]  \
<                                   [log in to unmask]  >
 \  Home Page: /
     O                 (__)     (__)                        O
 /  Technician:         La Soci=E9t=E9 historique de Saint-Boniface \
 \  Home Page:    /

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fn:             Robert  Menard
n:              Menard;Robert
org:            Panther Systems Group
adr:            215 Spence St.;;Suite 2;Winnipeg;Manitoba;R3C 1Y5;Canada
email;internet: [log in to unmask]
title:          Owner
tel;work:       (204) 775-4221
tel;fax:        (204) 783-4876 (Call main line f
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x-mozilla-html: TRUE
version:        2.1
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