Since .lsi is a proprietary format (and not even ASCII, ugh), it's not
going to be possible to write a filter to convert your other-format style
sheet into it (XSL, DSSSL, .ssh or what have you). Unless you work for
Corel or can get them to tell you how .lsi is specified.

I have some experience creating WordPerfect .lsi files, not for EAD
unfortunately, but for TEI. For power users of WordPerfect (i.e. if you
can put together WordPerfect code with your eyes shut, which is basically
what the user interface asks you to do), it can certainly be done; and
there's a real satisfaction, once you've got solid tagging and a solid
stylesheet to match, in seeing the document you encoded so laboriously
format itself as if by magic. Getting that solid stylesheet will be the
challenge (but isn't getting there half the fun?).

The exercise does, to be sure, dramatize the basic principle of markup
that simplicity of implementation pays off, because any tag usage that
tends towards the baroque is going to lead to problems. WordPerfect's
style sheets, for example, can't test against values of attributes unless
the DTD constrains them; the program can also fall over its feet and
crash if your choreography gets very complex.

For what it's worth, XSL (not yet accepted as a specification) or any
application-independent style specification (such as DSSSL, which is now
an ISO spec) is in principle able to describe print expressions as well as
on-screen. Whether a single style sheet will do as nice a job in the two
media is another question. The first question will be, however, "will
Corel build support for XSL into WordPerfect/SGML," not "can it be done."
Take a look at:

--Wendell Piez
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On Wed, 1 Oct 1997, Fox, Michael wrote:

> My sense from reviewing the two is that they have nothing in common.
> The Panorama/Synex stylesheet is itself an SGML document.  The language
> of the WordPerfect Layout Designer that generates the .lsi files appears
> to be entirely WordPerfect specific.
> In any event they govern two separate processes- how Panorama displays
> the sgml output in a browser in one case and how WordPerfect outputs an
> sgml document to screen or paper in the other.
> In any event, we can assume that the XSL (extensible style language)
> will superceed application specific stylesheets languages like that
> employed by Panorama for web display but you'll still end up having to
> do the WordPerfect thing if you want to pretty print your documents .
> Michael Fox
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> >We are currently using (among other things) Author/Editor and Panorama for
> >working with our sgml documents.  I was recently asked by my systems people
> >to
> >evaluate and compare the capabilities of A/E and Panorama with that of
> >Wordperfect7SGML.  In familiarizing myself with the recently installed
> >WP7SGML, I came into contact with its layout editor.  My question is: has
> >anyone tried to map an EAD stylesheet (.ssh) into a WP7SGML layout (.lsi)?
> >I'd prefer not to generate an entire layout from scratch if one has already
> >been created.  In searching the web, I found the .lgc file, which was
> >extremely helpful, but not an .lsi file.
> >
> >Please feel free to include any comments on this comparison as well.
> >
> >Any help/comments would be most appreciated (and apologies if I have missed a
> >posting on this),
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