Hi all,

I recently taught a workshop at the conference of the Museum Computer
Network on how to implement the EAD in museums. I'm happy to say that the
class was full and enthusiasm continues to grow in the museum community
about potential use of the EAD.

In using the EAD in our museum we have come upon one suggestion for the
next version of the DTD: to add "label" and "source" attributes to the
PHYSFACET element. I've emailed about this before, but wanted to simplify
the thought to just one clear suggestion.

These attributes are already available in the PHYSDESC element, but could
be just as useful in the more granular PHYSFACET element for describing
collections with detailed physical descriptions like those in museums (and
it sounds like many archives). If for some reason, adding a "source"
attribute to PHYSFACET is not a good strategy, perhaps allowing one to use
the "source" attribute of the PHYSDESC element to inherit downward to apply
to all the "label" attributes in the contained PHYSFACETs would work, but
the former model seemed to be more straightforward.

Thanks for this opportunity to contribute something back toward a tool
we've found very useful.

Richard Rinehart              | Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive
Systems Manager & Education   | University of California
Technology Specialist         | 2625 Durant, Berkeley, CA 94720-2250
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