Network Bulletin No. 97-54

Date:  October 10, 1997

Subject:  Reference materials

Index term:  _Library Resources for the Blind and Physically
Handicapped, 1997_ and _Reading Materials in Large Print_

Reference copies of the 1997 edition of _Library Resources
for the Blind and Physically Handicapped_ and the reference
circular _Reading Materials in Large Print_ are enclosed.
The directory contains information on NLS network libraries
supplied by libraries through the annual survey and reports
sent to NLS.  It also includes information about non-NLS
network resources gathered in a separate survey sent by NLS
in July.  The reference circular replaces the 1987 edition
of _Reading Materials in Large Type_.

Additional copies of both publications can be ordered from
your multistate center; the MSC stock numbers are DI010 for
the directory and CR001 for the reference circular.  All
previous editions of these documents should be discarded.
Both publications will soon be available over the Internet
and, upon request, on computer diskette.

[Enclosures:  This bulletin contained enclosures that were
mailed to the network on October 10, 1997.]

For further information contact:

Linda Redmond
Head, Reference Section