Network Bulletin No. 97-56

Date:  October 24, 1997

Subject:  CMLS

Index term:  Frequently asked questions from
network libraries

Network libraries should be aware of two matters
concerning CMLS:

1.  NLS representatives distributed a document
concerning CMLS at the 1997 regional conferences,
_Comprehensive Mailing List System--Frequently
Asked Questions from Network Libraries_.  This
document provides guidance to network libraries in
their daily tasks of maintaining the CMLS magazine
database and responding to patrons' requests.  In
order to ensure that all network libraries have a
copy of this document, we are distributing it
again with this network bulletin.

2.  In response to concerns expressed at the 1997
regional conferences, existing procedures will be
modified by the CMLS contractor in regard to
correspondence (a letter or a note written on an
order form or survey) that indicates a patron is
deceased.  Starting this month, the CMLS data
entry staff will suspend service to deceased
patrons who are still in an active or presuspended
status on CMLS.  The correspondence will be
returned to the patron's library, attached to a
form indicating that action has been taken.  If
service to the patron has already been suspended,
the correspondence will be stamped "Patron already
suspended on CMLS" and returned to the library.
If this procedure creates problems for your
library, please let us know.

[Enclosure:  This report contained an enclosure
that was mailed to the network on October 24,

For further information contact:

Barbara Peterman
CMLS Coordinator