Network Bulletin No. 97-51

Date: October 3, 1997

Subject: Foreign Language Program

Index term: Foreign-language referral
bibliographies revised

Enclosed is the latest edition of the _Foreign-Language
Referral Bibliographies and Source Documents_.  The
bibliographies should be inserted
in the enclosed binder.  Separator tabs for each
bibliography and pocket inserts for the binder
cover and spine are also enclosed.

The bibliographies are provided to cooperating
libraries as reference documents to answer
questions about the foreign-language materials in
the NLS collection and to provide information on
other sources of special media materials in
foreign languages.

This edition of _Foreign-Language Referral
Bibliographies and Source Documents_ replaces all
previous editions.  Older editions should be

[Enclosure: This bulletin contained an enclosure
that was mailed to the network on October 3,

For further information contact:

James Herndon
Foreign Language Librarian
Collection Development Section