Dear American Memory Fellows,
We're involved with a project sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education
to put together a guide to Internet-based education resources from the
federal government -- called FREE (you'll see more information below).  Kirk
Winters is soliciting input from teachers and librarians to review the
current work that's been done to pull these resources together.  If you're
interested in being a reviewer, see below -- note that to volunteer you need
to get back to them by November 20.  Note also that once you become a
volunteer, they'll give you the website address (it's not ready for
primetime yet, so it's not in the message below).  Knowing how knowledgeable
you all are, I thought you might be interested -- hope some of you can help

      WE ARE LOOKING FOR TEACHERS to help a federal working group
      identify Internet-based education resources (supported by the
      federal government) that are worth highlighting.  If you are
      interested, please read on!

      Kirk Winters
      U.S. Department of Education
      (on behalf of the Federal Resources
      for Educational Excellence Working Group)
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     On April 19, President Clinton directed federal agencies to
     identify, develop & improve access to federal Internet-based
     education resources that can be of use to teachers, students
     & parents.  (The President's memo is at:

     In response, 30-some agencies have identified more than 200
     federally supported, web-based education resources that we
     hope will be useful to teachers, students & parents.  We are
     organizing these resources on a draft web site, Federal
     Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE), which will be
     announced soon, possibly within weeks.

     Prior to the announcement, however, we need help from about
     15 teachers who can spare a few hours to look at FREE
     resources in subjects you teach and...

     *   identify those you feel will be most useful.

     *   describe 1 resource that you really like & explain --
         in an email message -- how you might *use* it with
         students.  Your message will be posted on the website.

     We are looking for 1 elementary & 1 secondary teacher in
     each of the following categories:

         arts, English/language arts, foreign languages,
         mathematics, science, social studies, health & safety,
         and vocational education (secondary only).

     Also, as we continue to add federal education resources to
     the website, in the months (and hopefully years) to come, we
     would like to be able to ask a standing group of teachers to
     review particular resources, from time to time (via email),
     & tell us whether those resources are "educational" & should
     be added to the FREE website.

     All of this would be done from home.  My hope is that it
     will take just a few hours.  Names of participating teachers
     will appear in the credits or contributors area of the

     If you are interested in helping with these two tasks,
     please send an email -- ASAP but by Thursday, November 20 --
     to Cindy Balmuth (at [log in to unmask]) & include:

         * your name
         * what grades & subjects you teach
         * your email address & phone number.

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