Dear AM Fellows,
We're just back from NCSS in Cincinnati -- and thrilled to report what a
success it was!  I'm just sorry that all of you weren't there.  It was
wonderful to get together with Paul Filio and Carolyn Kindle (Cincinnati),
Mike Federspiel (Michigan), Laura Wakefield (Florida), and Bill Fernekes
(New Jersey).  The joint session on American Memory that Paul and Carolyn
sponsored and set up was terrific.  Speaking from my perspective, it was
wonderful to attend a session on American Memory that draws on YOUR
experiences (rather than just a demonstration by us of what we have online).
Paul, Laura, and Mike really made the collections come alive by describing
their lesson ideas and classroom experience with the materials.

Nothing can really take the place of face-to-face discussion, and I hope
that some of you have been able to get together in your regions or at other
conferences.  I know, for example, that the New York folks recently got
together to share experiences.  I know how busy talented teachers and
librarians are...and therefore, how hard it is to report in by email.
Meanwhile, I'm hoping that in the coming year I can figure out a way to
encourage us to get together, either here in Washington or in other parts of
the country.

In our exhibit booth at NCSS, we heard from a number of state and regional
social studies associations who are interested in presentations.  We're
hoping that some of you will be ready, willing, and able to give
presentations at such events, and will be forwarding interested people to you.

Again, I wish we could have all been at NCSS -- the response from attendees
was enthusiastic.


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