I just took a look at Barb's and France's project on Immigration and Oral h=
istory. I thought it was excellent and hope they will have the time to let =
us all know how it goes. Since I've been doing an oral history project with=
 4th graders for the past three years I was especially interested.

A thought - what about considering some way to archive our  student oral hi=
stories together?  Cory and my AMF curriculum is built around the idea of a=
rchives and collections.  Our two projects involve students collecting data=
.  You archive the tapes locally, perhaps we could create some sort of way =
to archives immigration oral histories done by students nationally?  Or may=
be oral histories generally?  Other AMF projects also involve oral history.=
  I love the links between the AM collections and our varied onsite stuff w=
ith living people.  Connections between far away and long ago.  I think it =
would be neat for my students to be able to see some of what Barb and Franc=
es's 8th graders had been doing. I'm especially interested in the working s=
tuff. My kids already get a chance to see oral histories in their final sta=
ges, however what about the messy stuff - the questions, transcripts, tapes=
, etc?  Is it too ambitious to try to get a student archive online?


PS CCT folks - I was unable to post to Barb and France's site for some reas=
on.  So if my comments aren't there perhaps you can add this to their portf=


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