I also think this is a good idea.  It would require us to think about a few
formatting issues up front (like getting the kids to use word processors so
the written oral histories are easier to convert to HTML, etc.).  We do
have that discussion forum we can use for posting examples of student work,
as well as our portfolios.  Neither of these, of course, take the place of
a bonafide online archive dedicated to student oral history projects.  Our
culminating product will be an audiotape and I'm not sure how that format
would lend itself to online maintenance (lots o' disk space...).

In any case, yes, if people tag their projects as oral histories as they
post, I'll be happy to keep track (as I'm sure Monica and others will).

Monica also brought up being able to view all the messy process stuff that
happens *before* the finished product appears.  Rather than those
components going into a "WPA collection for the 90s," it seems like they'd
fit better into a team portfolio or teaching plan that teachers could use
with their students.  --in other words, those bits (help me out, you
archivists out there) aren't properly part of an archive (unless we're
talking about Margaret Mead), but do make superb lesson components.  On the
other hand, maybe we want to create a teaching archive?  I don't know, I
think I'm getting punchy here -- too close to turkey time!

Cheers everyone, Frances

From Bill, following up on Monica -
>Monica raises a great question:
>Why not pool student oral histories from around the country and create an
>archive -- sort of a WPA collection for the 90s? For those of you working on
>oral history projects with students, I think this would be a great long-term
>goal, one that CCT (and I'm sure the Library) would be happy to support.
>we can add pages to the web site at any time showing student oral histories in
>the making. (In fact, you can share initial examples of student work in your
>portfolios at any time.)
>Why don't the people who are doing oral history work or planning to do it, and
>are interested in a student-created archive, identify themselves so
>Monica, and
>others can get a list together?
>One other note -- have a great Thanksgiving everyone!