Or maybe just:

        Weimar (Germany)

as a 451 for each.

Just a quick thought.

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Subject:        suggestion for routine references

Locating geographic names can be problematic if there are more than one
place with the same name in a state, country, etc.  For example, there are
established headings for Weimar (Hesse, Germany) and Weimar (Thuringia,
Germany).  It seems to me that it would be useful to create routine
references in this situation: e.g.,
        451   0  Weimar (Germany : Hesse)
        451   0  Weimar (Germany : Thuringia)
For systems that allow derived key searches for geographic names, these
would be useful references.  The famous Weimar is the one in Thuringia,
but is the catalog user going to know that?  What do you all think?
Should I propose to LC that this type of ref be routinely made?

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