OCLC has investigated recent inquiries about OCLC's batch inputting of
PCC BIBCO participant records.  The problems stemmed from OCLC's
inability to process PCC records through Batchload.

PCC BIBCO participants are now able to contribute new PCC full and core
level bibliographic records to OCLC through OCLC's Batchloading Service.
OCLC Batchload & Database Quality Section must be notified prior to
sending the first PCC BIBCO file.  There will be a short delay in
processing the first file while OCLC prepares the necessary software to
process a library's file.

The PCC implementation requires that PCC records be sent separately from
other records.  Only new, original records will be added.  Modifications
to records already in WorldCat (the OCLC Online Union Catalog) must be
made using the online system.

Files can be submitted through EDX (i.e., ftp) or by tape; EDX is
strongly recommended due to reduced lag time between time of creation,
receipt at OCLC, and subsequent processing.  We recommend sending files
on a weekly basis.  When sending your file via EDX please put 'pcc' in
the RUN OPT (Run Option) portion of the header.

Requirements for processing PCC BIBCO records through Batchload:
*       Send separate file of PCC records.  If PCC records are mixed in
with other records, they will not be processed as PCC records
*       Do not send serial records (Bibliographic Level 's' or 'b') in
the PCC file.
*       Each PCC record must have Source with code 'c'.
*       Each PCC record must contain field 042 'pcc'.
*       An Encoding Level code of '4' or 'blank' must be present in each
PCC record.
*       PCC records must be submitted only once.  Maintenance of
existing records must be done online.

OCLC Batchload software will convert Encoding Level '4' to 'blank' and
generate field 039 with the text 'core'.  Users should use Encoding
Level '4' for records that meet core level standards and field 042 'pcc'
for program records.

Please note that OCLC's processing of PCC records will attempt to match
records against existing records in the WorldCat, using current extended
matching algorithms.  If no match is found, the PCC record will be added
to the WorldCat.  If a match is found, the library's holdings symbol
will be attached to the existing record.  It will not be overlaid and
changed to a PCC program record.

For further information, please contact Marianne Kozsely (phone:
800-848-5878; email: [log in to unmask]