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The _1996/1997 Annual Report of the CONSER Program_ is now
available on the Library of Congress World Wide Web site
<>.  This is the last
annual report of the independent CONSER Program, as its
consolidation with the Program for Cooperative Cataloging is now
complete.  Contents include the following:

     * Consolidation of CONSER and the PCC
     * CONSER Task Force on the Cataloging of Conference
     * CONSER Documentation
     * CONSER on the World Wide Web
     * Batch-loading and "Cut-and-Paste" Record Input
     * Task Force on AACR Review
     * Task Force on A&I/ISSN Issues
     * Core Cataloging for Serials
     * Electronic Serials
     * Reports from Member Institutions

            Bill Anderson       CONSER Specialist
            [log in to unmask]        Library of Congress
            202/707-5185        101 Independence Ave. SE
                                Washington, DC 20540-4160