Hi everyone,

I've been enjoying everyone's conversation. This is my chance to write too.

Leni and I have offically launched our project. This project has been
selected as this week's hot site by the Blue Web'n from Pacific Bel
Education First Fellows and San Diego State University's Department of
Educational Technology which has a network that boasts near 10,000
educators. See this site for more information:

We expect to get lots of rich feedback from participating classrooms.
Already, we have had to make several changes, especially in the set of
online support resources for educators. We are in the process of developing
classroom support materials which will be available from the web page as
pdf's(portable document files) to visiting educators.


If everything is coming your way, you're in the wrong lane.
Kathleen Ferenz

Ben Franklin Intermediate, Colma, CA
teacher, 8th grade social studies
Bay Area School Reform School Site Liaison
classroom: (415) 994-2882

San Francisco State University
instructor, Instructional Technology
voice mail: (415) (415) 338-3451