Hi everyone,
We have a request to make.  We added a jigsaw puzzle feature in September
(and previewed it at the Institute).  Would you please give us feedback
about it?  We are interested in some nuts and bolts issues like download
time and whether or not your school's hardware and software support this
type of memory-intensive activity.

We'd also like some feedback as to the usefulness of the activity, and
whether or not there is something we could or should add (or subtract) that
would make it better for classroom use.

If you have suggestions for themes we could explore in future months, please
mention those as well.

The Historical Detective is a low-tech, entry level activity to acquaint
students with searching.  I'd love to have you (and your students) create
mysteries for others to solve.  If you've come across some interesting
tidbits in your searches, please consider sending them to me for use on the H.D.

And... if you have any other ideas for activities that you think we'd be
able to include on the Learning Page, please suggest them.

Happy Holidays,
Judy Graves

Judith K. Graves
Instructional Technology Designer
Educational Services
National Digital Library Program
Library of Congress
Washington, D.C.  20540-1320
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