I'm trying to find my way around the way to tag hyperlinks
in EAD, and am getting rather lost...  Could someone provide

For example, within <REPOSITORY>, if I want the HTML code [that is,
we're converting SGML to HTML] to be
   <a href="uofs.html">University of Saskatchewan Archives</a>
what does the EAD tagging need to be?

Similarly, within <NOTE>, we might have
    See also <a href="mg1.html">Walter Murray fonds</a>


    See also <a href="">Walter
      Murray fonds</a>

(that's a fake example, btw!  In the latter case, the reference is
simply to mg1.sgm, i.e. a true SGML reference ... the rest would be taken
care by the conversion script)

Do we have to declare all of these as entities?  I'm assuming that
<ref> or <extref> would be the appropriate tags (and/or <archref>?).
What syntax is required?  Any help with this would be most appreciated!


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