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                         on the basis of qualifications

The European University Institute in Florence is holding this
competition for the recruitment of one Library Assistant in Economics

The Library Assistant for Economics will be involved in liaison with
the Department of Economics for acquisitions policy, classification
and indexing and provision of support for research needs in terms of
both bibliographic and statistical data sources. This includes:

     collection development and acquisitions policy, selecting and
     ordering the library materials necessary for supporting research
     and teaching in the Economics Department; classification and
     indexing of the material; responsibility for the maintenance of
     the statistical and data collection; provision of access to
     information sources: bibliographic, textual, factual, etc., in
     any kind of format, whether conventional or electronic; training
     users in retrieving information from sources relevant to
     economics as well as in software packages related to them.

Qualifications required :

     being a national of one of the Member States of the European
     Union; certificate/diploma awarded on completion of secondary
     education: a relevant postgraduate University degree in the
     respective discipline would be an advantage; qualification in
     librarianship or working experience in an academic library;
     experience in the use of new information technologies, in
     retrieving information from on-line databases, CD-ROM devices,
     electronic publishing, etc., with specific reference to factual
     data and statistics; communication skills and capacity to work in
     group; knowledge or experience in statistical software (such as
     SAS, Stata, GAUSS, etc.) would be an advantage; good working
     knowledge or excellent knowledge of English, and, correlatively,
     good knowledge or excellent working knowledge of French. A
     working knowledge of a third official language of the European
     Union would be an advantage.

Appointment is for four years.

The net monthly salary will be between Lit. 4,095,000 and Lit.
4,410,000, depending on previous professional experience.

On certain conditions, expatriation allowance (approx. 16% of salary)
and family allowances (household, dependent child and education

The European University Institute is an equal opportunity employer.

The European University Institute is an academic organisation, founded
in the early 1970s by the Member States of the European Union, and
charged with teaching and research at the highest academic level in
the social and human sciences with specific reference to Europe.

The Institute employs more than 50 academic staff and approximately
100 support staff; it has a population of some 400 postgraduate
researchers and fellows.

The Library of the Institute employs some 25 staff, has extensive
collections of books, serials and microform material, and has
automated many of its processes. It works closely with the EUI Centre
for Computing Services. Present systems include the integrated library
system INNOPAC on a HP9000, the CD-ROM networking system Ultranet, a
Library LAN connected to the Institute-wide network, more than 30
library workstations, X-25 and Internet connections to remote
databases hosts and other network resources.

The Library wants to render its technical services more efficient
through better information interchange with remote suppliers, enhance
the staffs computer skills, and improve service delivery through the
development of better system/user interfaces and of new services.

Applications, accompanied by relevant documents and including the
names of two referees from whom references might be sought, should be
sent by 28 February 1998, date of postmark, to :

Mr G. Hausmann, Personnel Service
European University Institute
I-50016 San Domenico di Fiesole (FI), Italy
Telephone (+39 55) 4685.663; Fax (+39 55) 4685.636
e-mail : [log in to unmask]

European University Institute Web site at

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