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Subject:       Job Posting for Greensboro Public Library, North Carolina
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Greensboro Public Library (North Carolina) - System Specialist

The Library:  Hub of our community and link to global information!

The Greensboro Public Library, through collaboration and community involvement, is dedicated to providing free and equal access to information, sharing knowledge, fostering lifelong learning, inspir
ng the joys of reading and meeting the current and future needs of a diverse community.

The library is seeking applications for the following position:


This employee will manage the library's online cataloging, circulation and public access minicomputer system; will analyze and document the online procedures and processes and be responsible for con
iguring, installing, diagnosing and testing both hardware and system problems; be responsible be responsible for troubleshooting public access catalog PCs.

This individual will train systems users and computer operators in both current procedures and upgrades.

Additional duties will include representing the Library at user groups and conferences and staying informed of advances in library online computer systems.

This position is EXEMPT under FLSA.

*       Bachelor of Science degree in a computer related field from an accredited college or university or the equivalent in education, training and experience.
*       Strong customer service skills.
*       Library experience.
*       Valid driver's licence.
*       Ability to lift and handle computer equipment.
*       Computer, DYNIX and/or other library automation experience is desirable.
*       Good writing and verbal communication skills.

Hiring Rate:  $30,120-$33,132
Closing Date:  December 10, 1997
Vacancy Number:  A97121

City of Greensboro Employment Office
Phone:  (910)373-2080

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