Focus on Electronic Information No. 97-11

Date:  November 1997

Subject:  Full-text Works of Jack London on the Internet

The Jack London Collection

As part of the University of California at
Berkeley's digital library, full-text versions
of numerous novels, short stories, and other
writings by Jack London are now available on
the Internet.  This collection includes classic
novels such as _The Call of the Wild_, _White
Fang_, and _The Sea-Wolf_; and well-known short
stories such as "To Build a Fire" and "The
White Silence."  In all, over fifty novels,
stories, journalism pieces, and essays are
available.  The entire Jack London collection
can be searched by keyword(s).

This site also includes a short biography of
John Griffiths (Jack) London (1876-1916), whose
fiction explored three geographies and their
cultures: the Yukon, California, and the South
Pacific.  In addition, there are numerous other
documents (letters, postcards, telegrams,
manuscripts, official documents, and other
papers relating to his life and work); brief
descriptions of and information about the many
Jack London organizations throughout the world;
a listing of publications devoted to the
author's life and work; and details on the Jack
London Network, a listserv for scholars,
teachers, and students, devoted to Jack London
and the times in which he lived.