Network Bulletin No. 97-69

Date:  December 19, 1997

Subject:  NLS-reports Listserv

Index term:  Documents archived on the listserv

We have been very pleased with the network's
enthusiastic response to NLS Documents for Network
Libraries (NLS-Reports), an electronic distribution-only
listserv for network bulletins and other
documents.  Since the listserv was announced in Network
Bulletin 97-06, January 24, 1997, 145 subscribers have
signed up, and we hope more will subscribe in the

As a reminder, network librarians who want to subscribe
to the listserv or want members of their staff to
receive the distribution should e-mail NLS at:

                    [log in to unmask]

No special syntax or language is required.  The message
should include the name of the library and the first
and last name and e-mail address of each person you
want added to the list.

Because the audience of these NLS publications remains
the same as it is for the print versions, librarians
may submit names of only library or administering
agency staff members.  NLS will then add the addresses
to the distribution list and send each subscriber a
confirmation message.

Documents sent by this list are automatically archived.
Subscribers can get a list of the available documents
by sending an e-mail message to:

                 [log in to unmask]

with the following command in the body of the message:

                 INDEX NLS-REPORTS

A complete list of documents will be returned to you by

Files are named according to the following scheme:

Each file name has seven characters followed by a "txt"

                  Example: nb97-02.txt

The first two characters are the bulletin-type code.
(A list of bulletin types appears below.)  The second
and third characters (97 in the example) indicate the
year.  The fourth character is a hyphen, which acts as
a separator.  The fifth and sixth characters (02 in the
example) represent the bulletin number.  The bulletins
are numbered sequentially through the year, beginning
with "01" for the first bulletin.

The bulletin types are:

Added Entries                                ae
Automation Reports                           ar
Books Wanted                                 bw
Braille Circular                             bc
Focus on Electronic Information              ei
Focus on Native Americans                    na
Machines and Accessories                     ma
Media Services                               ms
Network Bulletins                            nb
Publications Reports                         pr
Technical Reports                            tr
Other Transmittals                           ot

You can order any document with the command:

get filename.txt

For example, to retrieve Network Bulletin No. 19,
issued in 1997, the command would be "get nb97-19.txt"
(without the quotes) in the message area.

For further information contact:
Carolyn Hoover Sung
Chief, Network Division