Focus on Electronic Information No. 97-12

Date:  December 1997

Subject:  Learning a Foreign Language on the Internet

Whether it is for education, travel, or just for fun,
learning a foreign language can help you feel more involved
and informed.  The Internet has numerous resources to assist
with this effort.  In addition to vocabularies, grammar
references, and interactive exercises, many of the
following sites also include audio clips of native


WWW Audio Tutorial of Basic Chinese

Chinese for Self Study


English: Language Net


Beginners, Say It in French

Fran=87ais 100 (basics, with lots of grammar)

French Language Course

International Language Development: French

Learn French: arrival, hotel, eating out, travelling,
relaxing, emergencies, street directions


German for Beginners

Internet Handbook of German Grammar=20

Texthaus: Learn German Online!

International Language Development: German


Italian for Travellers


Travellers' Japanese with Voice

International Language Development: Japanese


International Language Development: Korean


Portuguese for Travellers


International Language Development: Russian


Basic Spanish

Spanish lessons

Learn Spanish

International Language Development: Spanish