Network Bulletin No. 97-71

Date:  December 24, 1997

Subject:  Book collection

Index term:  Bibliographic data about NLS books now
available from a Web page

For the past six months, NLS has been testing the electronic
distribution of bibliographic data developed during the
production of NLS books.  The tests have been successful.
The data is now available for any network library to use as
input to its circulation system.

The bibliographic data is distributed monthly.  It
corresponds to the titles that are on the month's copy
allotment cards, and the data for each title is
approximately the same as is on the copy allotment card.

The data is obtained from the Production Information and
Control System (PICS) that tracks the production of NLS
books and is automatically converted to a USMARC format for
this distribution.  The data is taken at the time of the
copy allotment process, before the books have completed
production.  At that time, the books have not been processed
by the Bibliographic Control Section for the NLS _Union
Catalog_ and the records are not as complete as the records
in the _Union Catalog_.  Because the data is automatically
converted to USMARC and has not gone through bibliographic
control, it does not conform to AACR2 or the MARC
subfielding standards.  Nevertheless, the systems on which
it has been tested have determined that their data
conversions place the incoming data in appropriate fields in
the systems records.

The network systems on which the distribution has been shown
to work successfully are CUL and KLAS.  The DRA software for
MARC input is, as of this writing, not yet available to
network libraries.  The MARC input function for READS will
not be available until after READS II is completed.

The data is now available to all network libraries from a
World Wide Web page.  To access the page, a user ID and a
password are required.  The same user ID and password
combination will be used in the future for online copy
allotment.  To obtain your ID and password, contact Robert
Axtell by phone at (202) 707-9248 or by e-mail at
[log in to unmask]  Mr. Axtell will supply you with documentation
appropriate to your needs.  He will also be available to
answer any questions you might have about the data content.

NLS is providing the data.  Your system provider should
supply the software that enters the data into your system.
Contact your system provider about how to start using this
data as input to your system.

For further information, contact:

Robert J. McDermott,
Automation Officer
at (202) 707-9313 or by e-mail
at [log in to unmask]