Network Bulletin No. 97-72

Date: December 31, 1997

Subject: Talking Book Topics

Index term: Contractor's error on delivery

Due to a contractor's error, the print edition of
Talking Book Topics, November-December 1997, shipped
later than was previously announced in Publications
Report 97-12.  The magazine was mailed and shipped over
a period of several days from December 15 through
December 23.  Individual copies to patrons were mailed
first, followed by bulk copies to libraries, and then
copies to foreign addresses.  Unfortunately, this delay
will likely be exacerbated by the heavy mailing volume
during the holidays.

NLS regrets the incovenience this causes patrons and
libraries.  The contractor will be penalized according
to established government procedures.

For further information contact:

Robert E. Fistick, Head
Publications and Media Section