Also try this URL, for folks who want to read about the AMF program first.
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Laura, and others,
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At 02:00 PM 1/27/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Judy is away from her desk, so I'm sending the corrected URL for the
>application online:
>Judith K. Graves wrote:
>> Laura, the application is online!!
>> Try
>> You can also get the application in .pdf there.
>> Try it there, you'll have a better copy than a fax would provide.
>> Judy Graves
>> At 12:08 PM 1/27/98 EST, you wrote:
>> >In a message dated 98-01-23 08:44:43 EST, you write:
>> >
>> ><< Caty really loved NCSS --
>> > and you can bet she really wanted to go to Anaheim!  But we'll figure out
>> > other opportunities, I'm sure.  She was just selected to represent her
>> > school as one of six student ambassadors to El Salvador at during the
>> > week of March.  She's thrilled to have been selected >>
>> >Dear Martha, Tell Caty congratulations for me and I am envious.  You do
>> >realize that she will never be the same?!  Not only will she have
>> >for the rest of her life (if she didn't already) but she'll have  special
>> >memories of a place and a people that have touched her.  What a wonderful
>> >opportunity.    On another subject, did the letters of invitation for next
>> >summers fellows go out?  If so, I haven't got a copy yet and was hoping
to be
>> >able to make copies to pass out at workshops here so that interested
>> >could apply.  I leave this Thursday afternoon for the Florida League
>> >If the letter is ready now, maybe someone could fax it to my school fax
>> >935-3519 so I could take copies to the workshop.  If not for this one,
>> >for the Social Studies conference Feb. 7.  If you are busy with your new
>> >position, maybe you could forward my request to whomever should get this.
>> >Thanks so much.
>> >Laura
>> >
>> >
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