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     Community leaders, government officials, librarians, teachers, health
     care administrators and others who are interested in establishing a
     public, computer-based information service in their area are invited
     to participate in the Community Information Network (CIN98)
     conference, March 22-23, at Marriott's Tan-Tar-A Resort in Osage
     Beach, Missouri.

     "This conference will give citizens a chance to learn about key
     factors in the successful establishment and operation of a community
     information network," says Ted Gallion, conference planning committee
     chair with University Outreach and Extension at the University of

     Community Information Networks are free, non-commercial systems
     designed to meet current information needs of people and public
     agencies. The conference supports the exchange of information among
     citizens and communities. There has been vigorous local interest and
     activity in CINs across the state. Examples in Missouri include COIN
     in Columbia, MAAIN in Mexico, ORION in Springfield, RollaNet in Rolla,
     LLION in Laclede, Pulasksi and Webster counties,  and WIN in St.
     Charles. Many new CINs have been established because of MOExpress, the
     governor's initiative started in 1997.

     The CIN98 conference theme is "Civic Networking: The Next Generation."
     The keynote speaker is Andy Carvin of the Corporation for Public
     Broadcasting. Carvin will be speaking on rethinking community
     networking as networking communities.

     Conference topics include: starting a CIN, legal and policy issues,
     sustainability issues - financial and people, CIN success stories, and
     an e-rates update. Online demonstrations and a hands-on lab will also
     be available.

     Four tracks will highlight how existing CINs developed and continue
     financial and community support; computers, modem pools, servers,
     electronic mail and other technical how-tos; tips on gathering,
     organizing, displaying and using local data; and CIN uses in business,
     education and leisure.

     The conference opens at 12 noon on March 22. Preconference sessions
     will begin at 9 a.m. and include recruiting volunteers, an electronic
     tour of successful CINs, and JOIN-N, the Jefferson County CIN. Jon
     Hall of Quandary Solutions Association Management will also be a
     plenary speaker. Another highlight of the conference will be the
     formation of the Missouri Association of Community Information

     The registration fee for the conference is $125; the preconference
     session fee is $25.  For more information about the conference
     program, contact the MU Conference Office at (573) 882-2301. Online
     registration is available on the web site at

     The conference is co-sponsored by the Missouri Department of Economic
     Development, State of Missouri Office of Administration, MOREnet and
     University Outreach and Extension.

     University Outreach and Extension is the local link between the
     resources of the four University of Missouri campuses, Lincoln
     University, and people throughout the state.

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