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Technical Information Specialist:  Los Alamos National Laboratory Research
(LANL Job Posting # 983058)

To see an HTML version of this job ad and to access more information about
Los Alamos and surrounding areas go to

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) is a world renowned  organization
dedicated to  world-class science and technologies and applying them to the
nation's security and well-being.  LANL has a firmly established reputation
as one of the premier research and development institutions in the world.

The LANL Research Library ( has a career
opportunity for a librarian.  We offer a creative setting in which
information technologies are applied to scientific productivity.  We
aggressively pursue new ideas, services, products, and approaches to
satisfy our customer research needs.  The successful candidate will
actively partner with Laboratory researchers in support of our mission to
facilitate access to and enhance the usability of information.

We are seeking an individual who is prepared to make significant
contributions in an exciting, fast-changing environment.  This position
requires a person with a strong interest in taking initiatives and risks,
who adapts well to change, works cooperatively on a team, and has a strong
interest in fostering customer relationships.  Leading innovative projects
in close collaboration with customers is an essential part of the job.

Specific Job Summary:
The Research Library is looking for candidates to actively develop and
provide services and improve Library products for our customers. Research
Library products and services include electronic library databases, books,
journals, technical reports, literature searches, library database
training, and customer assistance. The Technical Information Specialist
will work in a learning environment to accomplish the following:
. Actively understand, assess, and provide for customer needs using current
Research Library services and products.
. Staff a service desk to respond to customer information requests.
. Perform literature searches to access information to meet customer needs.
. Collaborate with Library staff to develop or evaluate electronic
interfaces for Library databases.
. Participate in customer training and marketing of Research Library
. Define, measure, and continuously improve key library processes.
. Maintain professional standards and stay abreast of developments in this
fast-changing field.

Required Skills, Knowledge, Abilities:
. Demonstrated experience providing customer service in a
scientific/technical library or information center with direct, in-depth
knowledge of physical sciences and/or engineering resources.
. Demonstrated experience training library customers using library
automated systems and databases.
. Demonstrated experience using electronic resources to fill customer needs
in the physical sciences and/or engineering subject areas.
. Demonstrated experience developing and/or evaluating interfaces for
library electronic databases.
. Demonstrated experience implementing process improvement.
. Excellent written communication skills.
. Excellent oral communication skills

Desired Skills, Knowledge, Abilities:
. Demonstrated experience leading electronic database projects.
. Demonstrated experience documenting processes and/or projects.
. Demonstrated experience effectively working in a learning environment.
. Demonstrated experience prioritizing and managing multiple tasks while
meeting deadlines.
. Q clearance or ability to obtain a Q clearance.

Education, Training, or Licensing:
American Library Association (ALA) accredited MLS or equivalent experience.

Salary range:  $33,204-$55,716.  Applications will be accepted through
February 2, 1998.  Submit resume or application materials for LANL Job
Posting #983058 to Staffing Group, Los Alamos National Laboratory, MS P286,
Los Alamos, NM  87545.

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