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                     JOB HUNTING ON THE INTERNET

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Librarians have been reluctant to help job seekers find employment
opportunities on the Internet despite a rapidly growing list of job
openings nationwide on the Internet--1.5 million today and upwards
of 3 million within a year--spanning virtually every industry and
occupational area--not just computer/technical. An estimated
4.5 million Americans will search the Internet this year to find
employment opportunities. Online job hunters could number over
30 million within the next five years.

For most librarians, jobs hunting on the Internet ranks right up there
with going to the dentist. The World Wide Web seems like a good place to
find jobs until you use a search engine and come up with thousands of
hits using the word, "employment." Fortunately, there are Web sites
that have been developed with librarians in mind.  These sites
list only the best job and career resources on the Internet.

Top 100 Electronic Recruiters (

Date Visited:  January 9, 1998

Developer/Provider: Internet Business Network, John Sumser, CEO.

The goal of the "Top 100 Electronic Recruiters" Web site is to make
a single Web site for the best of job hunting sites.  The sites
were picked as a part of Internet Business Network's annual industry
analysis, the *1977 Electronic Recruiting Index*.  A jury of 7 reviewers
looked, in detail, at over 3,500 recruiting sites ranging from College
Placement Offices to Human Resource Departments.  Many of the
interesting and innovative projects they discovered are included in the
Top 100.

Pros/Cons: A central component of developing the *1997 Electronic
Recruiting Index* was a detailed and disciplined review of the 3,500 Web
sites in the Recruiting Industry at the end of 1996. Each site was
reviewed against 10 criteria and given a grade. At the very top were 100
sites that demonstrated Excellence in the Electronic Recruiting Industry
(EERI). The Top 100 fit (sometimes neatly, sometimes not so neatly) into
15 categories.  In each category, Internet Business Network has named a
"Best In Class."

Bottom Line: A comprehensive look at the best in Electronic Recruiting.

The Catapult on JobWeb (

Date Visited: January 9, 1998

Developer/Provider: National Association of Colleges and Employers

The Catapult is a springboard to career- and job-related sites that
career service professionals from around the world have found helpful
in working with college students and alumni.  There are links to General
Job Listing Sites, Job Listings by [Career] Field, Job Listings by
Newsgroups, Job Listings by College Career Centers, and much more.

Pros/Cons: Professionals in career services maintain The Catapult as
a clearinghouse for career and job resources on the Internet.

Bottom Line: Career Services professionals are gradually learning about
the many opportunities that derive from the World Wide Web, as it
relates to the career planning profession.
The Riley Guide (Employment Opportunities and Job Resources on the
Internet) (

Date Visited: January 9, 1998

Developer/Provider: Margaret F. [Riley] Dikel (sponsored by Drake
Beam Morin)

Margaret Riley, a former librarian, is a pioneer in the field of job
hunting on the Internet. Her Web site has been on the Internet three
years. She is currently the Internet columnist for the *National
Business Employment Weekly* and author of *The Guide to Internet Job
Searching.* Job resources are organized by Career Field.

Pros/Cons: A comprehensive overview of how to use the Internet as part
of the career planning process.

Bottom Line: "This is the best by far. If I could only go to one gateway
job site on the Web, this would be it."--Richard Bolles,
*What Color is Your Parachute: The Net Guide.*


Career Resource Center (
The Internet's most complete and extensive index of career related
Web sites. Librarians will find over 7,500 links to jobs with major
employers, jobs posted to major newspapers, and jobs posted to Internet

Quintessential Career and Job-Hunting Resources Guide

Job and Career Information Links!!!--The Links, A-M, N-Z!!!
One of the best collections of job and career resources on the Internet.
The sites have been carefully chosen for their usefulness.

Careers & Jobs (

Purdue University's Center for Career Opportunities: Internet Sites for
Job Seekers and Employers
A listing of over 1,000 job search resources and services on the

Job Resources by U.S. Region
"The best collegiate career Web site on the Net."--Joyce Lain Kennedy,
*Los Angeles Times* (11/6/96). Job resources are also organized by
career field.

JobHunt (
A meta-list over 700 online job search resources and services.  Somewhat

Top 1000 Employment Websites
Top 1000 Employment Websites based on Internet traffic.

100 Most Popular Web [Job] Sites
Top 100 job sites based on Internet traffic.

Librarians' Index to the Internet
Once you connect to the site, click on "Jobs," or "Careers," or
"Listings," or "Companies." This sites was specifically designed to help
librarians find reference sources on the Internet including job and
career resources and company information. One of the best sources
for company information on the Internet.

General Job Postings on the Internet
This site was published by a librarian to help other librarians find the
best job and career resources on the Internet.  The author
reviewed the professional literature on job hunting on the Internet
during the last year and listed only those sites that were recommended.
The job resources are listed by career field and geographical areas.
There are links to all of the online daily newspapers in the World so
job hunters can search the classified ads without subscribing to
out-of-town newspapers.  Librarians will also find a section on
researching companies.

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