FLICC Meeting Announcement 98-16

The Federal Library and Information Center Committee

FLICC Orientations to National Libraries and Information Centers

National Archives and Records Administration I

As part of a series of orientations to national libraries and
information centers, FLICC is offering an opportunity for federal
librarians to become better acquainted with the National Archives
and Records Administration reference services. The program will

* Tour of the National Archives Exhibition Hall
* Overview of library services and holdings
* Introduction to National Archives and Records Administration Web
pages including the library's online Civil War resources, the
Center for Legislative Archives, and NARA's genealogical Web site
* Briefings on the Center for Legislative Archives and NARA's
genealogical holdings

                  Date  Wednesday, March 11, 1998

                  Time  9:45 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

                 Place  National Archives and Records
                        Administration, Pennsylvania Avenue & 7th
                        Street, NW, Washington, DC 20408. The
                        tour will gather in the Pennsylvania
                        Avenue lobby.

                 Metro  The Archives/Navy Memorial (Yellow and
                        Green Lines)

               Sponsor  FLICC Education Working Group

          Registration  Free, but advanced registration required.
                        Call the FLICC office to register: (202)
                        707-4800. TTY (202) 707-4995.
                        Interpreting services for the deaf and
                        hearing impaired are available if
                        requested five (5) business days in
                        advance of the event.

         Cancellations  Registrants who find they are unable to
                        attend should notify FLICC at (202)
                        707-4800 to allow those on the waiting
                        list to register.

          Future Tours  Other orientation tours will be scheduled
                        throughout 1998, including the National
                        Library of Education, National Library of
                        Medicine, Defense Technical Information
                        Center, National Technical Information
                        Service, the Smithsonian Institution
                        Libraries, the National Agricultural
                        Library, the Library of Congress, and the
                        Government Printing Office.