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Subject:       VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENTS: Law Library of Congress
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                       LIBRARY OF CONGRESS
                    Washington, DC 20540-2295
                  *** VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT ***

         ^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
         ^  Vacancy Announcement Number: 980034             ^
         ^        Opening Date: February 5, 1998            ^
         ^        Closing Date: March 9, 1998               ^
         ^                                                  ^
         ^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  Title: Librarian (Law)
         (Legal Reference Librarian)
         GS-1410-11 (11004) $36,609 - $47,589*
         (Legal Reference Specialist)
         GS-1410-12 (11003) $43,876 - $57,043*

*  The individual Selected for this position will receive the applicable
   locality pay adjustment.

  Tour of Duty: Individual appointed to this position must be able and
                willing to work evenings, weekends, and holidays based on
                the congressional and public service requirements of the
                division. (Incumbents are exempt from flex-time and
                compressed flex-time schedules).

  Position Location:   Law Library Reading Room, Public Services Division,
                       Law Library Services Directorate, James Madison
                       Memorial Building

  Promotion Potential:   Promotion Plan to GS-13

  Type of Appointment:   Intermittent*
                         Non-supervisory, bargaining unit position

NOTE:  Intermittent employments means less than full-time employment in
which employees serve in positions without a regularly scheduled tour of

  Number of Vacancies: Two

GS-11/12:  The Legal Reference Librarian (Specialist) provides legal and
legislative research assistance and reference guidance to readers in
person, by telephone, and through written (postal and Internet)
correspondence.  Identifies sources from indefinite or incomplete
references using United States (federal and state), foreign, international
and comparative law and legislative bibliographic and reference sources.
Uses and provides assistance in the use of on-line systems/resources and
printed card catalogues.  Drafts written replies to requests for legal and
legislative information requiring the identification of authoritative,
timely and pertinent sources; and provides research assistance to Members
of Congress, their staffs, congressional committees, Federal courts,
government agencies, and embassies.  Is responsible for United States
federal and state collection development and management of assigned
jurisdiction/subject collections, which includes evaluating, reporting and
recommending the assignment of publications to/from the Law Library Reading
Room reference collections.  Interprets factual scenarios and applies
United States legal principles in directing patrons to applicable sources
that authoritatively address legal and legislative issues presented.
Conducts tours of and orientations to the Division, Directorate, Service
Unit and/or the Library for foreign dignitaries and distinguished visitors,
and weekly briefings for congressional staff.  May provide substantive
legal briefings to foreign dignitaries or others upon request.  The
incumbent also participates in various other Public Services Division
programs and projects.

GS-12: In addition to the above, may participate as an instructor, in
Congressional Legal Instructional Program, such as designing curriculum,
developing materials, delivering lectures and providing on-site practicum.
Provides reference assistance in foreign, international and comparative
law.  Conducts analytical and/or descriptive legal research on special
projects as assigned.  May represent the Law Library on professional
committees within and outside the Library of Congress.

GS-11:One year of professional experience in librarianship at the GS-9
level in the Federal service or at a comparable level of difficulty outside
the Federal service or completion of all requirements for a doctoral degree
(Ph.D or equivalent) or three full academic years of graduate education in
library science or subject-matter area appropriate to the position, either
of which demonstrates a minimum level of proficiency in the following
knowledge, skills, or abilities (KSAs):

GS-12:One year of professional experience at the GS-11 level in the Federal
service or a comparable level of difficulty outside the Federal service
which demonstrates a minimum level of proficiency in the following
knowledge, skills, or abilities (KSAs):

  Knowledge of American Law.

  Ability to interact with diverse populations.

  Knowledge of reference services and sources.

  Ability to communicate in writing.

NOTE:For this position an applicant's education must be supplemented by
completion of at least 24 semester hours of legal study in an accredited
law school; or

Four years of legal and legislative reference experience which provides:

A working knowledge of the basic principles, theories, practices,
techniques, terminology and expressions of law librarianship, and legal

An understanding of the standard methods, procedures, and techniques of
legal and legislative research and analysis;

An ability to acquire additional knowledge and skills about law
librarianship, legal research methodologies and reference services, and
legal bibliography; and

Some knowledge of legal and legislative literature resources relating to
legal reference and law librarianship.

Quality ranking factors are presented in ALL CAPS. The statements following
each factor relate to specific duties of the position.

1. KNOWLEDGE OF AMERICAN LAW-- to conduct legal/legislative research and/or
  provide reference services to Members of Congress, their staffs,
  congressional committees and other readers; draft replies to requests
  for legal and legislative information; compiles bibliographies; and
  coordinate access to materials from other Library of Congress

   information; direct patrons to pertinent sources; respond to Members of
   Congress, their staff, and congressional committee staff inquiries;
   assist Federal Government judges and court staff; and guide public
   readers in the use of on-line and printed card catalogues.  May conduct
   tours, briefings and orientations; represent the Law Library on
   professional committees; and may participate, as an instructor, in the
   Congressional Legal Instructional Program.

   using bibliographic and reference sources, compile bibliographies;
   direct patrons; provide reference assistance to readers concerning
   foreign, international and comparative legal and legislative inquiries;
   recommend the acquisition of materials for the permanent legal
   collection; and the assignment of items to/from the Reading Room_s
   reference collections.  May be assigned special projects involving
   research, reference and collection management/development.

4. ABILITY TO COMMUNICATE IN WRITING-- to draft replies including reference
   letters, memoranda and reports.  May be assigned to develop and produce
   pathfinders, research guides, briefing and orientation documents, legal
   research course materials, and special reports.

HOW TO DEMONSTRATE COMPETENCE ON THE KSAs:  Applicants must address each
KSA on a separate sheet of plain paper in order to be considered for this
vacancy.  Applicants should not simply repeat entries from their employment
application in addressing each KSA, but should elaborate on any specific
experience (as an employee or volunteer), training, educational courses,
and awards that demonstrate possession of the identified KSAs.
Publications are available in libraries and book stores to help guide you
in addressing the KSAs.  Each KSA must be addressed individually and MUST
NOT exceed one page each.

EVALUATION PROCESS:  Applicants are first assessed against the minimum
qualifications requirements for the position.  To be minimally qualified,
applicants must demonstrate a minimum level of competence in the knowledge,
skills, and abilities (KSAs) required to perform the duties of the
position, and must have the length of time and level of education and/or
experience as specified in the announcement.  Applicants who are minimally
qualified will be further evaluated to determine the degree to which they
possess the KSAs identified as quality ranking factors.  These KSAs are
assigned values for purposes of rating.  This rating process will determine
who will be referred to the selecting official for further consideration.


Appointment/retention is subject to a favorable evaluation of an
appropriate personnel security/suitability investigation.

The Library reserves the right to fill any number of the above-described
positions that are or become vacant during the life of this vacancy

Applicants who are referred for interview must complete Declaration For
Federal Employment (OF-306).

*  HOW TO APPLY:  Submit a Standard Form 171 - Application for  *
*  Federal Employment, or the Optional Application for Federal  *
*  Employment - OF 612, applicant must also submit a            *
*  Supplemental Qualifications Statement (Form C):              *
*                                                               *
*                   LIBRARY OF CONGRESS                         *
*             HUMAN RESOURCES OPERATIONS OFFICE                 *
*            101 INDEPENDENCE AVE., SE, LM 107                  *
*                WASHINGTON, DC 20540-2295                      *
*                                                               *
*  NOTE:  For copies of this vacancy announcement, applications,*
*  Supplemental Qualifications Statement (Form C) or            *
*  information on other Library of Congress opportunities,      *
*  please call our Employment Office at (202) 707-5627 or our   *
*  employment hotline at (202) 707-4315.                        *
*                                                               *
*                                                               *
*                                                               *
*                                                               *

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