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     Access America Conference Is in Seattle on March 11

        Vice President Gore s National Performance Review (NPR) would
     like to invite you to attendour Access America conferences.  Access
     America is Vice President Gore's 1997 report outlining steps to
     encourage and increase citizen and business access--via the
     Internet--to the most commonly requested government services by the
     year 2000.  These conferences will provide employees in federal,
     state and local government, as well as private industry, with current
     developments in the use of information technology and its
     applications for reinventing government.

        The Access America conference will be held at the Westin Seattle
     Hotel, Seattle, WA on March 11, 1998.  The conferences will focus
     on five major topic areas:  Internet/Intranet Success Stories;
     Distance Learning and Collaboration; Advances in Electronic
     Technology;  Privacy and Security; and Year 2000.

     Seattle Speakers and Panelists

        Mr. James Evatt, President of Information and Communication
     Systems, Boeing Company, is the keynote speaker at the Seattle
     conference.  Other speakers and panelists include: Secretary Rodney
     Slater, Department of Transportation (invited); Steve Kolodney,
     Chief Information Officer, State of Washington; Ed Lazowska,
     University of Washington; Robin Gonzalez, Environmental Protection
     Agency; James Van Wert, Small Business Administration; James
     Gaston, UNISYS; Eileen O'Neill Odum, GTE Northwest; David Lamp,
     USDA Graduate School; Michael Baum, Versign; Wayne Mercado,
     Internal Revenue Service; and Elliott Rosen, Booz, Allen, and

     How to Register

        The cost for the Seattle conference is $85 for federal, state,
     and local government employees and $145 for non-government
     employees, if registered by March 4, 1998. After March 4, the cost
     is $125 for government employees and $185 for non-government
     employees.  To register, or to get information about Seattle and
     other cities, visit or call 1-401-845-8818.  If
     you have any questions, please contact Karen Freeman at (202)
     632-0408, or [log in to unmask]

     For More About "Access America"

        Visit to download "Access America" and
     to learn more about the President's Government Information
     Technology Services Board (GITSB). For more information about other
     National Performance Review initiatives, visit

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