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 Subject: Integrated Library System Maintenance

 At the request of several Fedlink member librarians, the FLICC Information
 Technology Working Group has established a subgroup on Integrated Library
 System Maintenance.  We are looking at this issue because several
 librarians have reported major headaches working with their local or
 regional contracting offices when the time came to renew ILS vendor
 maintenance contracts.  These problems include those associated with a
 high turnover in contracting officers, having to write comprehensive
 statements of work, librarians being required to re-justify continually
 what is essentially a sole-source procurement and/or being required to do
 it on an annual basis.

 Therefore, the Information Technology Working Group is interested in
 gathering information on Integrated Library System (ILS) maintenance
 contracts currently being offered to members by various ILS vendors.  This
 information will help the Working Group decide whether to ask Fedlink to
 investigate the possibility of providing "transfer pay" ILS maintenance
 contracts to members, beginning in FY99 or FY00, similar to the book and
 serials contracts currently in place.

 To help us, we would appreciate your answers to the following
 questions.  Please respond directly to me:  [log in to unmask], not
 to the list.

 1.  Would you like Fedlink to offer transfer pay ILS contract maintenance
 services?  Yes__X_  No ____

 2.  If Fedlink were to offer such services, what services should vendors
        Ongoing software maintenance _X___
        Software upgrades _X___
        Hardware maintenance ____
        Software training _X___
        Consulting services __X__
        Other ______________________________________________________

 3.  If ILS contract maintenance services were available from Fedlink
 through transfer pay, would you contract for such services through
 Fedlink?  Yes __X__ No ____

 4.  If Yes, at what projected dollar level? $__$3,000_____________

 5.  If No, why not?

 6.  What ILS do you use? _Currently, DataTrek or EOS, but we may switch this
 year because EOS is overhauling the system and charging a much hight price
 which I believe is ripping us off. I am looking for other options. We are a
 mediun-sized medical library. Can anyone recommend a good window based online
 system? Thanks.________________

 7.  Other comments:


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