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cross-posting and length.  This message updates information last posted =
September 5, 1997.

The Center for Electronic Records* (U.S.) National Archives and Records =
Administration (NARA) has updated the =27Title List: A Preliminary and =
Partial Listing of the Data Files in the National Archives and Records =
Administration.=27  The =27Title List=27 is current as of December 31, =
1997, and now has entries for approximately 13,500 of the over 100,000 =
electronic records files in the custody of NARA.=20

We also recently restructured the Center=A2s homepage to improve access to =
our information and direct researchers more effectively to information =
about our holdings.  We have hyperlinked the various sections of the =
=A1Title List=A2 to a central index.  In this redesign, you can link =
directly to either a particular section of the =A1Title List=A2 (i.e. =
executive branch department, presidential offices, independent establishmen=
ts and government corporations, etc.) or go directly to a specific Record =
Group (R.G.) of interest (i.e. go directly to a listing of the Records of =
the Bureau of the Census).  We have also incorporated links from the =
=A1Title List=A2 pages to the status code listing, information about how =
to order copies of electronic records, and our e-mail box.   Comments =
about our redesign are greatly appreciated and questions about our =
holdings encouraged.  Please send them to our general e-mail box at =

The =A1Title List=A2 is available via the NARA information server.  The =
general URL is with information about the electronic =
records program and holdings available at
ic.  Updated versions of a number of reference reports and descriptive =
handouts are also available. =20

Title List files are also available via FTP.  Anonymous FTP (password =
=27guest=27) to FTP.CU.NIH.GOV, directory NARA_ELECTRONIC.  A READ.ME file =
on the FTP site provides further information about the =27Title List=27 =
and Title List extract files.  Note that the full =27Title List=27 file =
has 21,434 lines and is approximately 1.5 megabytes in size.=20

Among the new entries in the =27Title List=27 are:

1) Records of the Bureau of the Census (R.G. 29): Current Population =
Survey files from March, May, July, and October 1975, 1992, and 1993 =
monthly files; Annual Housing Survey National files, 1973-1987; and =
Federal Assistance Awards Data System, Quarterly Files, FY1996- 2nd =
Quarter FY1997.

2) Records of the Bureau of the Census (R.G. 29): Decennial Census of =
Population and Housing, 1990: Subject Summary Tape Files 1-10, 12-13, 16, =
18, and 20-22.

3) Records of the Internal Revenue Service (R.G. 58): Statistics of =
Income, Individual Tax Model Files, 1986-1991.

4) Records of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board (R.G. 195): Monthly =
Financial Reports of FHLBB-Member S&L Institutions: Interim Monthly Edit =
Master Files, June 1985-December 1986; Monthly Final History Data, January =
1966-December 1968; Monthly Financial Master Series Data, 1969-1975; and =
Monthly Financial Time Series Data, 1976-1985.

5) Records of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (R.G. 235): =
Panel Study of Income Dynamics, 1968-1986.

6) Records of the National Institute of Education (R.G. 419): Follow =
Through National Evaluation, Cohort III, 1971-1975.

7) Records of the National Institutes of Health, National Institute on =
Aging (R.G. 443): Established Populations for Epidemiological Studies of =
the Elderly, 1982-1990.

8) Records of the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (R.G. 510): =
National Medical Expenditure Surveys, 1987: Public Use Tapes 15, 16, and =

I hope this information is useful.

Archives Specialist
Center for Electronic Records
National Archives and Records Administration=20
(301) 713-6645

* With reorganization within NARA=A2s Office of Records Services-Washington=
, DC, as of February 2, 1998, the work of the Center for Electronic =
Records will be done by the Electronic and Special Media Records Services =
Division, Modern Records Programs, Office of Records Services-Washington, =
DC, National Archives and Records Administration.  Our other contact =
information will remain unchanged.