Naomi Nelson write:

> Based on the Griffis project, it appears that to link an EAD-encoded
> finding aid to a digital object (using Author/Editor) one must create an
> entity and then enter the entity name in the EXT.PTR attribute for the
> EXTREF.  Having done so, however, I am still unable to view a jpeg in
> same directory as the finding aid.  What am I doing wrong?

There's also a configuration setting, an SGML Processing Instruction,
necessary to tell Panorama what to do with the information provided in the
entity. If the entity points to a document on the web, a PI can be used to
set Panorama to treat it as a link. (If preferred, Panorama's entityrc
file can be used to associate the PI with all documents using the DTD, in
lieu of hard-coding it in the document.) If the entity points to a file in
a format Panorama can handle in its graphic viewer (as of Panorama 1.5
this included gif but not jpeg images; I think they have broader support
now), an SGML NDATA (NOTATION) attribute can be used to enable Panorama to
do so.

This involves some careful work in site configuration as well as making
sure the various settings are correct. Panorama documentation tells how to
do it in greater detail.

Unfortunately, this is an application-dependent method of creating the
link (though relying on standard SGML constructs): it works only for
Panorama. With XML and XLL (XML linking) coming along, there will likely
be other methods emerging to do the same thing in other applications.
While we can congratulate ourselves that our data, at least, should be
stable, we may have to resign ourselves (at least for now) to a periodic
redesign of the infrastructure within which the data are presented....

Wendell Piez
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