You are correct.  The statement is general in application.  Note in
particular the section under "Requirements" below which is calling
attention to the fact that not all the formats (e.g., sound recordings)
require a class number to begin with.  --Joan Schuitema

At 12:32 AM 3/6/98 -0500, you wrote:
>The first two paragraphs here refer only to the "books core record standard."
>But subsequent paragraphs appear to apply to catalog records for
>materials in any format. I just want to confirm that this statement is indeed
>general in application, regardless of format (i.e. that it applies to
>music, visual materials, computer files, etc.). Please advise.
>--ralph papakhian

>>      Individual core standards specify when a class number is required.
>> These requirements apply also at the full level.  Optionally, a class
>> number or call number may be supplied in records for materials in which the
>> standard does not require such a number.  If a library does not classify
>> materials for which a PCC standard requires a class number, the library may
>> either supply one in particular cases or not label the record a PCC record.

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