To: BIBCO Libraries working in OCLC
From: Ann
Re: Changing CIP records and encoding level

     Below is an exchange of messages between Kay Guiles in CPSO
and Rich Greene at OCLC about OCLC's overlay procedures and
changed CIP records.
     To summarize, when a BIBCO library changes a CIP record in
OCLC and sets the encoding level to "blank", LC should be notified to
perform BFM.

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Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 16:59:28 -0500
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Subject: RE: BIBCO question re CIP record

If the BIBCO institution changes the Enc lvl in the OCLC record
to'blank', the LC record (with Enc lvl '8') will not replace it.  An Enc lvl
'8' record will only replace an Enc lvl '8' record.  So, if you decide to
proceed and reissue the Enc lvl '8' record with the corrections, it will
not replace the OCLC record when the BIBCO user has changed the
Enc lvl as they are supposed to be doing.


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> Subject:      BIBCO question re CIP record
>  > Rich:
>  >    We are being asked a question by a BIBCO library working in
> and we need to understand the effect of our action on the records
> OCLC before we can respond.  The situation is one in which there
> in OCLC LC records that are still in a CIP state (enc lvl = 8).  The
> BIBCO library receives the item and, based on the item, makes a
> change to the authority record for a multipart item (the title of a
> collected set has changed) and updates the collected set record in
> OCLC and the record for an analytic.  The question is, should the
> BIBCO library notify LC so that LC can make similar changes?  If we
> made the changes and redistributed the records that were still in a
> CIP state but match records for which the cataloging has been
> completed, what does your merge/replace procedure do?  Would
the LC
> records replace and therefore wipe out any changes that had been
> to the OCLC records (except for the fields that stimulated the
> changes in the first place) such as changes to the 300 field?  If so,
> I think we would be inclined not to make any changes to our bib
> records until we received the item.
    >  > Kay