Dear Ms. Byrd:

        As a matter of local policy, SLU Law does *not* put through on pcc
any works which would require a call number from a theocratic schedule
that has not yet been issued by LC.

        Personally, if you wanted to include the title in your "PCC
STREAM", I'd put it through without a call number.


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On Mon, 16 Mar 1998, Jacqueline Jo Byrd wrote:

> I'm cataloging a book on canon law, and I'd like to do a PCC record for
> the item.  I'd like some advice on how to code the call number, since the
> schedule for this topic is not yet available.  I was going to use "KBG +b
> .K67 1996".  Is this ok to put into an 050 field (indicators " 4")?  LC
> would probably use "LAW" in the 050, but I'm under the impression that
> others are not to do this.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks
> Jackie Byrd
> Indiana Univ.