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Subject: Additions to MARC Authority Record Distribution

                       TECHNICAL NOTICE

Additions to MARC Authority Records Distributed Through the MARC
Distribution Service

      The Library of Congress is making changes to its automated authority
files to support current USMARC data elements. Consequently, the data
elements listed in the document Data Element Update to Authority
Distribution Service ( may start
appearing in authority records, as appropriate, issued through the
Cataloging Distribution Service.  Specifications for these data elements
are published in the _USMARC Format for Authority Data_.

     Notable additions incorporated in this update are authority
records for subject subdivisions (18X) and form/genre subject
headings (155).  Introduction of these records will result in
some instances of identical character strings occurring as
headings on multiple subject authority records with different
content designation.  The following headings will now be

     Example 1
     record 1: 150 #0$a$Databases    (Topical term)
     record 2: 180 #0$x$Databases    (Topical subdivision)
     record 3: 185 #0$v$Databases    (Form subdivision)

     Example 2
     record 1: 150 #0$a$Computer games     (Topical term)
     record 2: 155 #0$a$Computer games     (Genre/form term)
     record 3: 180 #0$x$Computer games     (Topical subdivision)
     record 4: 185 #0$v$Computer games     (Form subdivision)

     Subscribers can anticipate receiving MARC subject authority
records reflecting these additions as appropriate no earlier than
July 1, 1998.  Additions to name/series authority records will be
occurring at a later date.

     Questions regarding these additions should be directed to:

                      Library of Congress
             Network Development and MARC Standards Office
                   Washington, DC 20540-4102
                   Telephone:  (202) 707-6237
                      FAX:  (202) 707-0115
                    Internet:  [log in to unmask]

                        March 17, 1998