We just use OCLC, and catalogers always have the option of searching the
authority file in LC's online catalog LOCIS.  LOCIS does provide the
ability to do keyword searching and limiting your search to the name
authority file.

I'm not aware of any real problems with just relying on OCLC, and in any
case, it is necessary to search OCLC to see the latest versions of
authority records.  Remember that any NACO library may change an authority
record, so any local resource file might get out of synch with the NAF
rather rapidly.  We also search OCLC one more time just before
contributing a new record to make sure we're not inputting a duplicate.

I do agree with you that it would sure be nice if OCLC would implement
keyword searching in the authority files.  Author/title uniform titles are
especially hard to find in OCLC but with LOCIS as a backup any NACO
library should be able to do its work.

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On Tue, 24 Mar 1998, Jane Ciacci wrote:

> This question is addressed to NACO libraries.  Here at the University of
> Chicago we are considering whether to create a resource file of LC authority
> records to support our authority work.  In our former system, we had such a
> resource file, but up to now, we have not had one in our new system, which
> is Horizon.  We are still running the old system, and we create the file
> with records received from Peter Ward.   I would like to hear from other
> NACO participants about how you get access to the national authority file
> for purposes of doing your NACO work.   Do you use OCLC or RLIN or another
> file?  If OCLC, how do you cope with the problem of no keyword searching for
> authorities?  That's the sticking point for us; catalogers are very
> reluctant to give up the local resource file because of the difficulties of
> searching OCLC.
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> If people are really interested I will summarize the results and post to the
> list.
> Thank you very much!
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