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pleased to announce its schedule of courses for the summer of 1998, 26
five-day non-credit courses of bookish interest to be offered on the
grounds of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, 13 July - 7
August. Tuition per course for RBS 1998 Summer Session is $595.
Applications may be requested via the contact information at the end of
this message. The complete brochure and Expanded Course Descriptions are
available at our Web site:


Subscribers to this list may find the courses described below to be of
particular interest.  (Please note: Rare Book School is offering both
introductory and advanced sessions in the use of EAD):

practical introduction to the application of the emerging standard Encoded
Archival Description (EAD) to the encoding of archive and manuscript
library finding aids.

The course is aimed primarily at archivists who process and describe
collections in finding aids, though it will also be useful to repository
administrators contemplating the implementation of EAD, and to
technologists working in repositories. The course will cover the following
areas: the history of EAD and its theoretical and technological
foundations; an introduction to Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML)
including discussions of authoring and network publishing tools; a detailed
exploration of the structure of EAD; use of software tools to create and
publish finding aids; discussion of conversion techniques and
methodologies, and templates for creation of new finding aids; and finally,
the integration and management of EAD in an archive or library.

The class will jointly encode and publish a finding aid that will
illustrate a wide variety of essential EAD and SGML concepts.

Applicants must have a basic knowledge of archival descriptive practices as
well as experience using word-processing software with a graphical user
interface. Some experience with the World Wide Web and HTML will aid the
learning process.

The course will be offered twice. Session I (no. 16: July 13-17) is
directed at those who have had no previous formal encounter with EAD.
Session II (no. 37: 27-31 July) is directed at those who have already begun
working with EAD. In their personal statement, applicants should indicate
their relevant archival background, the extent of their previous experience
with computers in general, and graphical user interfaces and EAD in
particular, and describe their role (present or future) in the
implementation of EAD in their home institution. Instructor: Daniel Pitti.
Course offered previously in 97. (See the RBS web site for student

DANIEL PITTI became Project Director at the University of Virginia's
Institute for Advanced Technology in 1997, before which he was Librarian
for Advanced Technologies at the University of California, Berkeley. He was
the Coordinator of the Encoded Archival Description initiative.

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